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A squirrel family setting up shop in your home can be devastating for your insulation and electrical wiring. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal professionals of Greensboro are here to help you eliminate your squirrel issue, tidy up the mess, and repair the damage. Act quickly, due to the fact that frayed wires start fires!

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Squirrels thrive all over North Carolina, especially in your attic!

Scratching, gnawing, and sounds of pitter-patter in the morning or during the day are a good sign you have some squirrels in your home. You may also discover pieces of dried-out leaves, twigs, cardboard, or insulation in hidden corners, a sign that they’re building a nest in your attic.

Squirrel removal and control must be set in motion as soon as the wild animal has been found taking space in your attic! A Squirrel’s front teeth do not stop growing, so they need to ceaselessly grind them down.. Because of this, squirrels in Greensboro, NC has a habit of chewing electrical wiring and plumbing which can result in fires or water damage.

Squirrel Removal in Greensboro, NC

Squirrels in a Yard Caught in a Trap

In Greensboro, NC, winter is the most likely time that squirrels will focus on getting in your attic. When their food supply becomes scarce, your attic will be a great option. Your attic is like a playground for this animal. They enjoy nothing more than to have a good, dry space to be out of the weather and skip around like puppies in your attic. Squirrels in Greensboro, NC usually build nests in trees to keep them safe from killers and rival flying squirrels. Well, your attic is the very best space they can ask for, and they didn’t even have to pay for it!

If it weren’t for the ruckus and animal waste, they might not be so bad. The damage they can do to your home if they stay inside all winter is enormous. In extreme cases, they have been reported to gnaw off the insulation off of the wiring, causing house fires. This is really bad news. As we like to claim: “Frayed wires set fires”. There’s no need to burn your home down because some wild animals chose to move in.

Squirrels hide more nuts than they remember to dig up later. The nuts they forget usually grow into trees.

How do Wildlife Removal Pros Remove Animals in my Attic?

Great question! Since you don’t want any animals like raccoons or birds to take over your space and make a mess in your attic, getting an Animal Control and Removal expert would be the best choice. With our team, removing squirrels out of your attic is usually a 3 part deal.

Squirrel Sneaking to an Attic

This is how the Squirrel Removal Greensboro experts deal with the process.

  1. Set up traps and capture the squirrels in your attic
  2. Seal up the entry points so they can not come back in
  3. Inspect and repair exterior and interior damage to your home

Should I get a Squirrel Exterminator?

Please do not do this! I say this because you’ll most likely be calling us to remove dead animals inside your walls or in your attic. Lots of animal exterminators and pest control services in Greensboro, NC use poisons as their first and only tool when combating a wild animal in your home.

This may work well if you want to remove ant and termite colonies in your attic, however, it is an extremely bad idea when it concerns animal removal in Greensboro, NC.

Consider a humane, exclusion-based solution when handling a Greensboro Wildlife Control issue. Not only is it kinder to the critters like a raccoon, mouse, and bat, in the large majority of situations, but it is also by far the most effective option. No need to create an animal graveyard in your attic for you to find (and smell) months later.

Sealing Entry Points that Squirrels use to get inside your Home

Squirrel Damage Repair Before and After

One more reason to make use of a Wild Animal Specialist for an animal in your attic is that you require to find and secure each of those access holes. Greensboro squirrels are masters of fitting into tight spaces (they’d be very good in a “heist” movie).

These animals have incredibly powerful hind legs that let them leap a distance of up to 20 feet!

You would want a Greensboro Animal expert who will secure and close every single entry space on the 1st try. That will certainly save you valuable time, cash, and sanity. Do not roll the dice when it involves wild animals in your home!

Pest Control and Home Damage Repair

Squirrels in Greensboro, NC can do severe damage to your roof, soffits, and eaves. Often they use their teeth and claws to expand small entrance points to make it bigger and comfier to go into and exit. Having learned the different ways this type of animal can damage your property, we are sure you are asking yourself  “Okay, now that I have a wild animal in my attic, how do I deal with it?” You may think of limiting their food sources, using the “scare” attack, or trapping them. Among all of these pest control solutions, trapping a mouse, a bat, or a raccoon is the best method. Using a trap is a great way to track an animal in your attic without the need for loud noises or disturbing lights. However, you need to check with your local Greensboro Pest Control laws about animal trapping if you plan on doing so.

The best solution would be to use a professional squirrel trapping company like us! AAAC Wildlife Removal Greensboro can help you determine the best strategy for squirrel removal from your house and yard. Also, the exterior damage that this type of animal creates is surely unsightly. You may have remarks from your neighbors! Aside from Wildlife Control and Removal services, we are also extremely experienced at fixing this damage and making your home look brand-new.

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