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Snakes aren’t all bad....except when they’re venomous. The danger posed by snakes can either be mild (raise your blood pressure) or as serious as death or loss of limbs. A non-venomous snake bite will only wound, but a venomous snake may kill. If you aren’t sure what kind of snake you’re dealing with, you need to give us a call right now!

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Snakes love to hunt near Greensboro homes with rodent problems

Premier Snake Removal Services in Greensboro North Carolina

AAAC Wildlife Removal’s snake removal services are the best option in Greensboro, NC. Our team combines knowledge, experience, and professionalism. We will rid your property of snakes in a humane and safe way. If you have a snake problem, we are the ones to call.

What are the most Venomous Snakes in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, there are many dangerous snakes. Whether you are in Winston Salem, High Point, or Greensboro, you may be plagued by a scaly pest. There are approximately 37 different species of snakes you may encounter, some of which are venomous and more aggressive than others.  While there are a few with an even temper, don’t think for one second that they are not dangerous.

Venomous snakes can give you a bite that will lead to serious illness, injury, and potentially death. Snakes should be observed from a distance and left alone, so do not agitate them. Don’t attempt to tackle a venomous snake problem on your own, regardless of how easily other people make it look.

Species of Venomous Snakes in North Carolina

Six venomous snake species are native to Greensboro and the surrounding Guilford county area. These are:

  • Cottonmouth
  • Copperhead
  • Eastern Coral Snake
  • Timber Rattlesnake
  • Pygmy Rattlesnake
  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

While the Eastern Coral snake has a very powerful venom, it is rare and no bites have been recorded to date. The Eastern Diamondback rattlesnakes have a large quantity of venom that is more toxic than the others, but it too is rare.  If you notice a snake on your property, it is more likely to be the Copperhead snake because they are very prevalent in North Carolina, even though it may not be the only one you may encounter. Copperheads and cottonmouths are more likely to be spotted on your property. When you notice any snake near your home, call AAAC Wildlife Removal’s snake removal team immediately.

What Are the most common Non-Venomous Snakes in North Carolina?

From the many species of snakes in Greensboro, NC, about 31 are non-venomous. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. It is most likely any snake you encounter is non-venomous, however, they are still dangerous. Some of the most common species in NC are:

  • Brown Snake
  • Worm Snake
  • North Water Snake
  • Black Racer
  • Corn Snake
  • Eastern Rat Snake
  • Eastern King Snake

Wildlife Removal: The Dangers of Do It Yourself (DIY) Snake Removal in Greensboro, NC

You want to protect your family no matter the cost, however, this may incentivize you not to call pest control services when posed with an immediate threat. You may decide to take matters into your own hands without the proper equipment or knowledge necessary for efficient and safe removal. In many cases, before people become customers of our snake removal service in Greensboro, NC, after they have unsuccessfully tried to remove the animals on their own.

There are many dangers you need to account for when handling snakes. You may unintentionally startle a snake when you try to remove it, causing them to strike. Even with non-venomous species, such as the Eastern Rat Snake, this is a problem. Rat snakes are constrictors, but constrictors are still dangerous because of the diseases they can spread. Constrictors can also still bite you, even if the bites aren’t venomous. What if it is another species of snake that happens to be venomous? Hiring experts that are knowledgeable, professional, and highly trained is the best option. 

Our control team can identify the species of snake and figure out the best method of removal. Attempting to remove snakes on your own is extremely dangerous.  Intentionally coming into contact with a snake in Greensboro is a very bad idea. Snakes are most likely to strike when they feel threatened, so it is best to call a professional to handle the issue and give you peace of mind.

Dealing with a snake on your own can damage the ecosystem. Nature’s wildlife balance is both delicate and essential, choosing to call in professional services is always the best option. Save yourself and your family the anxiety and grief of dealing with a snake infestation. Our professional team will ensure the snakes are handled humanely and effectively. 

A snake removal service in areas, such as Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem, doesn’t go around killing every snake customers call about on the phone. Our philosophy is that wildlife preservation is a top priority. So, even if the snake is as deadly as pit vipers can be, they are still part of the ecosystem. Our removal process focuses on relocating a snake rather than exterminating them, this is best for the environment, the snake, and you.

Your family is always going to be the most important thing to you, make sure you keep them safe by hiring our services. Humane removal is likely the last thing on your mind when faced with potentially venomous snakes. All you see is a deadly, hissing, pest, and species preservation is likely not a concern for you when your family is in danger. However, improper removal throws off the ecosystem’s wildlife balance. Killing a snake should always be a last resort, contact us today so we can humanely handle any of your pest control needs.

Pit vipers such as timber rattlesnakes are not the only dangerous venomous snakes out there. Even the non-poisonous species are reason enough to pick up the phone and call a snake removal or pest control company for assistance.

Dead Snake Removal: Greensboro, NC

Everything dies at some point and under different circumstances. Pests such as snakes, bats, rats, mice, etc., may have found their way into your walls and died. What you have left is a dead pest that needs to be removed. If you find yourself in such a situation, your best bet is to pick up your phone and contact a professional snake control and removal company in Greensboro, North Carolina. (call AAAC Wildlife Removal)

Pest control companies do more for their customers than get rid of live threats. While our years of experience allow us to do so with tremendous success, we can also remove dead snakes, and other animals for you when it becomes necessary. Our methods of disposing of a dead animal or snake are the most eco-friendly, so even if we were not called to control the situation while the animals were alive, let us provide our expert assistance to remove them when they die.

Frequently Asked Questions on Snake Removal: Greensboro, NC

In our years of experience with snake removal, we have been asked several questions repeatedly. So, here are the answers to these questions to help you best.

How Do I Keep Snakes out of My Yard?

Everyone knows that snakes are seen frequently in the Greensboro area, especially in backyards. This wildlife is often regarded as a pest to homeowners who strive to protect their children, pets, and family.

However, you cannot stop a snake from entering your yard completely. Still, you can try these simple methods to get rid of a snake or two. You can try removing any woodpiles and large boulders and rocks from around your foundation and fence, keeping your grass cut short and trimming trees and shrubs to stop snakes from hiding in your yard, and using them as a gateway into your house.

Try not to feed your pets outside, as the leftovers can attract and cause rodents which are snakes’ favorite food.  You can opt to use natural repellent such as white vinegar to ward off a snake from your pools if you have them.

Install perch poles, providing an elevated area for owls and hawks which are natural predators of snakes that can deter and remove them. Lastly, seal off holes and gaps in your structures, such as tool sheds.

Who Should I call to Remove Snakes?

While snakes are beneficial to the ecosystem as they prey on unwanted pests and rodents, they are not nice to see slithering around your property, especially if you don’t know if they are venomous or not. If you happen to run across a snake on your property, it is in your best interest to pick up your phone and contact wildlife removal services or any professional removal services in North Carolina areas, such as Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem.

Removing a snake from your property is not easy, which is why it is a job for the team of experts at a Greensboro wildlife removal company. AAAC Wildlife Removal has years of experience in snake removal services and we are just one call away.

How Much Does Animal Control Charge to Remove A Snake?

A wildlife removal service or company may have various packages with different costs associated with them. There are critter control costs, nuisance wildlife and animal control costs, dead animal removal, live removal, and extermination.  On average, a removal company or service typically ranges from $187- $540.

You can talk to a local animal removal specialist in the county and get an estimate to be sure of the cost as a lot of factors go into the pricing. When you need a full-service Greensboro wildlife control and removal company for critter control, full service, pest control, or any wildlife you may see lurking around your property, pick up the phone and give us a call as soon as you can. 

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