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Wooden critters can cause serious damage to your home and make it difficult and expensive to repair. AAAC Wildlife Removal can repair the damage caused to homes by these animals.

We are expert handymen who will get your home back in ship shape!
Man inspecting an attic for signs of wildlife damage in Greensboro

Attic Restoration

Even if your home was properly insulated, there could still be dangers hidden in the insulation. Rodents, mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons of all kinds love to nest within the fluffy fibers that keep us warm during the winter months. They chew on insulation and tear it up to make their nests before they move out in the spring. Although they are not likely to cause any harm themselves, the excessive amount of feces they produce can be quite harmful.

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Damage caused to wooden siding by a squirrel inGreensboro

Animal Damaged Siding & Flashing Repairs

Animals are strong and persistent. They will use any weakness in your home’s flashing and siding to get inside. Unflashed or loose siding can be a gateway for bats and mice – ask the wildlife control operator, who is there all the time. Leaving animal damage in your house unattended will only invite more infestations that will do more damage and make you sick. Add to that the high repair costs and you have more than a headache. This should not happen!

Animals have powerful teeth meaning they’ll find some way into your property if there is an opportunity – even something small such as loose siding so be sure not to ignore damage because animals might come back later when they think no one’s around (especially raccoons).

Animal Entry Point Seal Up

AAAC Wildlife Control’s animal damage repair team has the experience and knowledge to identify entry points and seal them with effective materials like metal flashing and wire mesh siding. They are able to prevent pesky animals from chewing through these materials. After this, we can restore your siding’s former glory with siding replacement or painting.

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Raccoon on a chimney in Greensboro

Animal Damage Chimney Repairs

When was the last time you checked that your chimney is properly sealed? Inadequately sealed chimneys can be attractive to critters, especially if they are unused. Raccoons as well as bats, squirrels and birds can gain entry through roof openings that connect with chimneys. Opossums might climb into fireplaces from below. When their young hatch, the critters will be aggressive. Don’t attempt to remove them yourself!

Many critters could take up residence in your chimney. This can lead to expensive repairs. AAAC Wildlife Control can inspect your chimney and provide a preventative solution.

A chimney infestation can present many hazards for homeowners. There are potential dangers such as lingering odors; potentially dangerous creatures such as bats nesting near children’s bedrooms; and the possibility of squirrels damaging wires inside walls. For all of these reasons, AAAC Wildlife Control services are available 24 hours a day to assist you in repairing your home or business. Our expertise helps keep wild animals from entering your home or business, and we also provide treatment options if necessary.

We’ve got the creatures under control. AAAC Wildlife Removal can eliminate all critters. Additionally, our licensed restoration team will measure and install chimney caps, crown sealings, or other repairs that you require. We can also make recommendations for more extensive repairs – ask us!

Damage to an air duct in an attic in Greensboro

Maintaining & Restoring Air Quality

Your family’s health is at risk from bat and raccoon droppings. High levels of fungal spores in guano and urine from these animals can lead to lung disease, such as Histoplasmosis. Raccoon scats may have Leptospirosis, a dangerous parasite that causes organ damage by destroying red blood cells. Professional animal control specialists can help prevent you from coming in contact with bats or raccoon waste. Experts wear protective clothing when cleaning out an attic to prevent inhalation of mold spores.

AAAC Wildlife Control has been in the business for many years and knows how important a negative air system is during remediation. This allows them to provide fresh, filtered air throughout the process so that you have peace of mind knowing that your attic will be cleaned safely and without any hazards for yourself or your family.

We are also skilled at decontaminating your air ducts and HVAC system. It is best to let professionals perform this task as a dirty HVAC system or ductwork can contaminate the entire house with mold and bacteria, not to mention the structural damage that would result if the issue is allowed to persist. AAAC Wildlife Control performs thorough decontamination by utilizing HEPA vacuums, specialized detergents, and even UV technology in very tight crawlspaces.

Damage to a soffit caused by a raccoon in Greensboro

Gutter & Soffit Repairs

Squirrels and raccoons know how to make the most of their resources. They can climb up on your roof using gutters. Gutters make it easy for pests like rats or birds to nest within your fascia and soffit once they have entered. Openings in those areas invite rodents that chew through wires which can lead to potential fires – don’t let this happen at home. Make sure to get gutter repairs done today!

AAAC Wildlife Removal is equipped with the knowledge and skills to restore your gutter system. Our technicians specialized in wildlife removal and repairing any damage caused by a family of wild animals that may have invaded your property.

A man checking a ridge vent for signs of wildlife in Greensboro

Ridge Vent Guards Installation

The ridge is the highest point on your roof, it runs along the side of your house. The ridge’s purpose is to regulate the temperature of your attic. Bats are very big fans of these ridge vents because they are just big enough for them to squeeze through. To exclude them without damaging the structure of your house, you will need an expert animal damage control restoration crew. AAAC Wildlife Removal has many years of experience dealing with wildlife removal. This includes ventilation system damage repair and replacement.

Before and after photos of a roof repair job in Greensboro

Animal Damage Roof Repair

The roof is a popular entry point for wildlife. You may find shingles strewn in the yard, holes of different sizes or trash that has been chewed into a roof’s soffit. Bats do most of their damage via their guano or urine.

These entry points also create another problem: water damages from animal feces/urine getting into the building’s framing base material, such as wood Sheathing (this provides structural strength to walls), and causing mold growth. This can lead to structural integrity problems if it isn’t dealt with quickly. Our professionals in animal damage control are skilled in roof reconstruction for wildlife damage, including insulation removal and material removal.

We are highly skilled in the repair and replacement of underlayment and leak barriers as well as sheathing, damaged shingles, soffits or attic vents.

Total Wildlife Control Solutions

Please contact us if any of these problems have occurred to you or if you’re just interested in ways to protect your home against wildlife damage. Our team is ready and waiting to help you with all aspects of animal removal and repair. We want to ensure that your home is safe from wild animals entering through holes in the soffits or other openings in your home.

We are also skilled at Commercial Wildlife Control

Our restoration specialists will clean up any infestations that have already occurred and install new materials to prevent them from happening again. Contact us now!

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