Commercial Wildlife Removal

Many animals can enter a business including squirrels, opossums and raccoons. These pests could pose safety risks to humans and other living animals in the area. We want your company to be safe for your customers as well as your employees. Below are some tips for dealing with these pesky critters.

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If an animal manages to find its way into your workplace it is important to not only get rid of them but also to clean up any messes it may leave behind during its visit (including feces). You can prevent unwanted guests from entering your workplace by sealing all entry points.

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Commercial Bat Removal

Bats can come in many sizes and shapes, from tiny bugs to gigantic flying mammals. You will be surprised at how unwelcome they can become when they decide to make their home in your commercial space or home. The main problem arises due to the guano deposits left behind by bats – this material can lead to health hazards such as histoplasmosis disease which causes pneumonia-like symptoms; plus an odor so foul-smelling you would think the building needs to be condemned. It’s easy to fix this bad situation. AAAC Wildlife Removal provides sound solutions for the removal of animal bat guano.

Bats are one of the most difficult animals you can remove from a building. Our specialists in commercial wildlife removal are equipped with the most advanced wildlife control equipment, which allows us to eradicate these pests without causing any damage to your building. One of the reasons why bats can be so challenging to remove is due to their very small size in comparison with other common nuisance animals. Their tiny size makes them very difficult to spot. Bats often enter buildings through cracks and crevices such as those around vents, windows, pipes, and other openings. These bats may choose to live in your commercial structure once they get inside.

Commercial Bat Guano Decontamination

Although bats will usually go out at night to feed on insects, they will leave behind large amounts of guano. This can be quite harmful to a building’s internal structure. Once we have eradicated the infestation, the bat removal technicians that we send are specially trained to use exclusion methods to keep bats away. AAAC has highly skilled technicians who are equipped to properly remove bat droppings and debris without causing any damage. We will decontaminate your building and restore it to like-new condition!

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Commercial Bird Removal

We use a variety of different methods to get rid of bird infestations in commercial properties. We have advanced techniques that we can use to keep your company safe and sound, and we’ll be able to offer you peace of mind by resolving the issue quickly. We want to work with you in customizing a plan that will work specifically for your building, which is why we offer qualified, personalized consultations so that you know what’s going on and what to expect.

Bird netting installed in a commercial building in Greensboro

Bird Netting Installation

Bird control by netting involves installing netting on commercial properties to prevent birds from entering. Although the process can be difficult, it is essential that all companies with a history of bird infestation do so as soon as possible. AAAC Wildlife Control Services takes avian net installation seriously and is proud of the work our technicians do on job sites. We offer this service in a number of circumstances.

Bird Spikes installed on a commercial building in Greensboro

Bird Spike Installation

Bird spikes can be placed on any commercial property as a safety measure. Ornithologists have determined that birds are most attracted to areas with lots of shade and air movement. The best way to deal with this problem is to install bird spikes since they deter bird infestations by preventing the birds from landing on the surface or, in rare cases, causing them to become stuck.

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Commercial Rodent Removal

Rodents could be a huge problem for your business. If you don’t quickly exterminate rodent infestations in commercial properties right after they are discovered, you could lose money and your reputation could suffer.

Rodents can breed like rabbits, and cause severe damage to your business. Rodents can be dangerous for you and your employees. You don’t want to expose your employees to this type of risk! Rats could enter your business by a simple entry hole or leaving a panel open.

Contact AAAC Commercial Wildlife Control for the best rodent control available for commercial buildings. For over three decades, we have helped businesses like yours combat rodents, rats and mice. Call us at 336-481-7106 to learn more.

AAAC Wildlife Removal’s team has dealt with some of the worst rodent infestations known to man. We are able to eliminate your rodent problem quickly, effectively, and completely. We don’t just get rid of your pest rodents, we seal the entry points and do everything to make sure they never return.

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Commercial Rat Removal

AAAC Commercial Animal Control has more than 30 years of experience in the removal of nuisance wildlife from commercial and office spaces. Our technicians can perform the necessary services promptly to ensure that you can open your place of business without some nasty rats running about. We are available to help you. We are on a mission for your office to be rodent-free.

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Commercial Squirrel Removal

AAAC Wildlife Removal and Pest Control is the top commercial squirrel removal firm. Squirrels are known for tearing through walls and roofs. They can also climb into buildings and cause extensive damage. It is a serious threat in commercial settings as they can put assets at risk. Our wildlife specialists are equipped to remove squirrels effectively. We can also help you keep your business safe from other pests that may cost you money to remove.

We are experts in dealing with squirrels and the damage they cause. AAAC Wildlife Control has been the leader in squirrel removal for commercial properties. We guarantee that each time one of these critters is removed, it won’t come back.

We can assist you with anything from small pests on the ceiling to more serious situations. Call us today so we can talk about how we can get rid of your pesky squirrels and prevent them from coming back!

Our technicians are skilled in the removal of these bushy-tailed pests, as well as repairing the damage they have caused.

Commercial Wildlife Control Services

AAAC Wildlife Control Solutions is the best company to call if you find an infestation with any unwanted animal at work. Think about what might happen if an employee or customer had an unpleasant interaction with an animal at work. This could cause legal problems that cost a lot of money and time.

We are skilled in Damage Repair, as well as Wildlife Exclusion Services

With a quick response time, our technicians can be on the scene quickly to solve the problem and keep your business running smoothly again. Our company has been trained in the removal of all types of wildlife. We understand the importance of having an animal removed from an environment without inflicting any injuries to anyone. This is why we employ the most humane exclusion methods to ensure that the job gets done quickly, safely, and effectively.

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